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  • 5 Reasons Why Gas Prices Shouldn’t Cancel Your Summer Fun (pdf)
  • Hollywood Loves Road Trips
  • Small Business Grows Green (pdf)
  • Don't Just Dream It - Do It! (pdf)
  • Road Trip Authors Take Their Own Advice and Hit the Road
  • New Year's Resolution: Take a Long Vacation (pdf)
  • "Elizabethtown" Brings Road Tripping into the 21st Century
  • Oprah hasn't called? Didn't get chosen for "I want to be a Hilton?" (pdf)
  • Gas prices really don't matter.
  • Dream of a yearlong vacation? Then make it happen! (pdf)
  • Authors Bio (pdf)
    Interview Questions (pdf)
    Sample Book Review (pdf)
    Sound Bites from the Book(pdf)
    Appearance Options (pdf)
    Complete Press Kit (word Doc)

    Media Coverage and Award Nominations

    Carol & Phil White Featured in a Money Magazine article "Can you live long and prosper?"

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    Benjamin Franklin Award
    Benjamin Franklin Award for Marketing Excellence and Innovation from the PMA Benjamin Franklin Award
    Foreward Mag Finalist Award
    ForeWord Magazine "Book of the Year Award Finalist"

    Appearances -- Meet the authors, hear their story.

    See where they will be next Author's Scheduled Appearances
    Phil and Carol in action at one of their information-packed seminars See photos
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    Inside the Book

    10 Tips to Jump-Start your Road Trip Dream (pdf)

    Table of contents (pdf)

    Sample chapter (pdf)

    Phil and Carol White Authors of Live Your Road Trip Dream
    photo by Tim Holmes
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    Live Your Road Trip Dream Book Cover
    First Edition
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    Road Trip Guide
    Second Edition
    March, 2008
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