Cha-Cha & ZEE -- Family Travel Home Page - Cha-Cha & ZEE Explore The United States. Two macaroni penguins give kids an adventure in their favorite destinations. Their first stop is Washington, D.C. Join them as they tour huge government buildings, admire beautiful monuments, and investigate wonderful museums. The second stop is San Antonio, Texas. Learn the cities histories and explore their treasures. Join the adventure!

FamiliesOnTheRoad.com - A great website for learning all about traveling with children, schooling on the road and more.

Moms Minivan.com - More than 101 Car Travel Games and printable activities for kids to do in the car on road trips.

Teddy's Travels - America's National Parks - A travel guide to the National Parks for children, Teddy's Travels is filled with full-color photographs and graphics designed to engage with first-hand information, web addresses, check lists, journal and scrapbook pages and scavenger hunts. Join Tedrick de BearTM and Trefoni Michael Rizzi as they travel across the United States by way of their favorite National Parks and Monuments.


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