Traveler's resource list

Websites and resources tend to change so quicklybut I have had many request to share some of ours..  The search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) still remain the best source for finding current information, but these references should get you going and you can branch out from here.

General Information - a wealth of road trip information  - a robust site for documenting your travels and staying in touch with family and friends - a comprehensive site about RVing - lots of articles and good content about road trip travel by RV - the industry organization for RVing - a comprehensive educational site about RVing - a good array of resources about RVing - a great place to find stuff for your trip and get information - a good site for getting RV information


Clubs for road trippers and RVers


Online Discussion Groups  - knowledgeable group for RV questions  - one of many "interest specific" discussion groups - excellent site for "roadschoolers" - one of many technology oriented groups - a private bulletin board for RV mechanical issues


Purchasing an RV - ratings of RVs - can save you heartaches and mistakes (membership) - information from owners of RVs - the industry association of all brands and dealers - excellent training videos about all types of RVs - prices for new and used RVs, both buy and sell


Renting an RV


Campground Reservations


Membership Camping Organizations


Working on the Road




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