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Quite possibly the most detailed vacation planning guide you could get your hands on, LIVE YOUR ROAD TRIP DREAM will have you more than wishing you could spend a year away - it will have you actually believing it is possible! - Jennifer Brown

I read 3 books about the RV Lifestyle before we left on an adventure of our own. Carol & Phil's book was head and shoulders above the rest with regard to offering helpful advice, and inspiring the excitement of living on the road. - Steve Albrecht

Don't even think of planning or heaven forbid starting your cross-country trek without reading this book. If you're traveling America's blue, or red, or black highways, this is the guide for you. This book has it all. Break a leg. Oops, the author will not find that amusing. Just read it! - Byron Edgington

I loved Carol's book because even though I'm not an RV'er I picked up information on making life easier on US highways...and also how can you financially DO this amazing thing! - Alyce Cornyn-Selby

We met at one of your talks at AAA in Lake Oswego, OR. I'd read your book twice in prep of meeting you and Phil. It has really come in handy helping me stay on task. I really could not have done it without your book and newsletters. - Barb Davis

I'm in the early stages of planning a major road trip, and Phil and Carol's book is exactly what I was looking for to help my husband and I cover our bases and ensure a smooth transition to life on the road for a while. Before buying it, I checked out their website, and was impressed by the quality of their content, especially the free and highly useful Master Planning Worksheet. Based on what I saw, I decided to purchase the book, and was not disappointed. - Rene Agredano

"Live your Road Trip Dream" showcases a rare partnering of practicality and pure dream. It not only revived my travel dreams but also tied them to reality by providing a practical, yet entertaining, how-to guide. The insightful travel log along with comprehensive time and money-saving tips makes this a book that beckons me back again and again. - Cindy O'Krepki

Can two adults really share a small RV for thousands of miles and not drive each crazy? Carol and Phil convinced us to give it a try. And we're glad they did. Their excellent book is not only a step-by-step 'how to do it', it's a inspiration. Reading it gave us the courage to pack up everything we own and hit the road in a Pleasure-way, a compact but comfortable RV with everything you need to keep smiling on the highway. - Arthur Johnston

Your book and the ideas behind it have been a real inspiration to us. - Stephen White interest is in shorter adventures but more of them. The thoughts expressed in the book are helpful for planning either type of travel with interpretation to fit your personal situation. Because Carol and Phil covered so much territory, you gain an even greater appreciation for how much there is to see and do in our magnificent country. - Tom Dupin

This is the best book!! My husband and I are planning to travel cross country and he bought me this book for Christmas... I haven't been able to put it down... very helpful in giving you a framework to start planning... We highly recommend the book... - Elizabeth Morrison

LIVE YOUR ROAD TRIP DREAM is the encyclopedia of planning an extended road trip, whether in the United States or other countries.Their tips will save you many dollars and many tears of frustration along the way. A terrific investment in your vacation! - Bonnie Neely

It is easy to is hard to turn that dream into reality. This book is great because it takes all the difficult problems that keep us from living our dream and it shows us a way around them. Road Trip Dream hit the hard questions head-on; Money, family obligations, what to do with our home, having a happy life on the answered all those things I was wondering but didn't know who to ask. It's a really great book! - Amanda Ligato

I really enjoyed the insights the Whites offer on how to leave home for a year and see the US. Their approach to planning and experiencing their travels are well thought out and presented. They truly experienced a trip of a lifetime and offer ideas that are truly inspiring and take it from a dream to a realistic plan. - Laurilee Hatcher

With Road Trip Dream, Phil and Carol White show Boomers everywhere that there is life beyond the empty nest. The book is chock full of practical advice, wit and tales of the charm of small town America. It would make a great gift for any couple thinking of launching their own "blue highway" adventure. - Brian Talbott

Everyone talks about taking a trip like this someday! Here is an A to Z "how to" book full of great tips and a delightful read. I have purchased several as retirement gifts and they were a hit! - Patty Solberg











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