Ten New Year's Resolutions for RV enthusiasts

We all know that those who RV are independent, adventurous types that are prone to humor and accepting things as they come along in their journeys.  So I looked in my crystal ball for 2007 and found these sure-fire resolutions that all RVers would actually enjoy keeping.

Be it hereby resolved:

1) Never travel in weather that isn't to your liking.  Just wait til it changes, then go.

2) Always have a good stash of emergency food and beverage on hand just in case #1 finds you someplace desolate.

3) Make sure you always have a good supply of zip-locking plastic bags on hand - never store a box when a bag consumes so much less room.

4) Use the bags for everything - keep wet from dry, new from old and most importantly in some parts of the country - bugs from food.

5) Be sure to keep that rig in tip-top mechanical shape.  It's not just your transportation - it's your home (at least for while).

6) Keep your RV towing membership paid up just in case #5 doesn't work out.

7) Seek out new places and try new adventures.  You can always cross it off your list of "Life's Accomplishments" and go back to what you used to do.

8) Be sure your body and mind are both up to the challenges of your new adventures lest it becomes your last life's accomplishment.

9) Always keep those grey and black tanks happy and flowing freely - don't clutter them with too much grey or black matter.  Use proper paper products.

10)  Always know where the closest "back-up" facilities are located in case #9 gives you trouble.

But most of all, always enjoy the journey and be planning your next adventure.  Happy Trails for 2007.


Carol White is the co-author of the award-winning book, "Live Your Road Trip Dream" (www.roadtripdream.com)  - the ultimate road trip planning guide for extended road trips.  Carol and her husband Phil have traveled over 50,000 road miles in the past several years, visiting all forty-eight of the contiguous states and having visited all of the National Parks in those states.  They now spend their days helping others to live their dreams.

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