RV Fall Road Trips - a Beautiful Time of the Year

The kids are back in school, the weather is more moderate and the scenery is more breathtaking than any time of year.  You know what I am talking about - Fall.

So you've had an active summer taking in all the great summer adventures, but where will you go this fall?  Here are a few ideas for you and your RV.

College Football Games - What is more fun than rooting for your old college team?  Even if you have to travel a few hours or even a few days, tailgating and visiting that old alma mater for homecoming (or some other big game) can make for a fun, nostalgic fall adventure.  Get online for your favorite school and secure some tickets, see what the rules are for bringing your RV for tailgating, secure a local campground, load the RV and you are ready for a great weekend or more.  Now you just have to brush up on the fight song.

Leaf Peeping - All along the Eastern seaboard, part of the evening news is a section on where the best "turning of the leaves" is happening right now.  Those who embark on a journey to see the bright tapestry of colors are called "leaf peepers" by the locals.  If you live in or near the NE and haven't taken a weekend just to "leaf peep", it is high time to block a few days on your calendar and head out.  The campgrounds are so much quieter, the roads less congested (except on weekends), and the ambiance takes you back to a quieter time to just relax and enjoy.  If you can't decide quite where to go, check the websites for the TV stations in the areas you are considering - they'll give you all the low-down on the best places right now.

If you are nearer the west coast, you are not forgotten.  Although not as famous as our East Coast sisters, the West coast has plenty of great "leaf peeping" scenery.  Consider the Rocky Mountains for Aspens and other colorful trees and the Cascade Range in Oregon and Washington for their colorful displays of vine maple and other species.  We've also noticed that campgrounds still seem more active in these areas, so you'll have more folks to compare notes with around the fall campfire.

Head for the Beach - Left coast or right coast, gulf or great lakes (yes, there are "beaches" and even sand dunes), fall is a premiere time to make that last trip to the water.  Often some of the best weather can be found on those glorious fall days at the beach.  Again, the crowds have eased, the pace is slower, the shop keepers have more time for you and you can find great bargains left from the summer crowds - and it isn't too early to start that holiday shopping.  The season of holiday bazaars is about to begin and you'll feel so smug at having your gifts bought early and ready to enjoy the season.  While some campgrounds do close in the late fall, many are still in full operation.  Check your favorite campground guidebook, or head for www.gorving.com for a listing of campgrounds, events, and other information on RVing.

Whatever your pleasure and wherever your destination, your RVing adventure will be economical, fun and full of surprises.  Happy Trails.


Carol White is the co-author of the award-winning book, "Live Your Road Trip Dream" (www.roadtripdream.com)  - the ultimate road trip planning guide for extended road trips, whether by RV or other conveyance.  Carol and her husband Phil have traveled over 50,000 road miles in the past several years, visiting all forty-eight of the contiguous states and having visited all of the National Parks in those states.  They have also been to Alaska, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands, leaving only American Samoa on their quest for National Parks.  The White's are frequent speakers about the road trip experience and have been seen and heard on radio and TV throughout North America.

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