The Ultimate Road Trip Budget Planning Tool

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Instantly become an a prepared traveler with this budget calculation worksheet. Manage your money during your trip so that you can stay on track with your financial goals!


  • Potential sources of revenues for your trip are identified and added to the calculations
  • The expense side of the worksheet identifies over 50 potential expenses that should be considered in planning your trip. Not everything will apply to every situation, but many things are identified to trigger your own thought process when considering your own trip.
  • Gasoline calculator included

How it works:

  • Formulas are already created to make it easy to "fill in the blanks" and get started on your own budget
  • Flexibility to add your own items that may not be already in the spreadsheet
  • This simple yet powerful analytical tool allows travelers to quickly, objectively and logically make rational spending decisions. Easy to use and understand. Intuitive interface. Requires Microsoft Excel 97 or higher. Windows and Mac Compatible.

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If you purchase or have purchased a book already, you are entitled to a free download of the Road Trip Budget worksheet. Just email Carol White the state where the picture on page 115 (first edition) or page 130 (second edition) was taken and you will receive the free budget worksheet with in 2 business days.

Excerpt from the Book

Once you get past the “dream” stage, the first serious issue that faces all of us is how do we afford to do this? The attached budget worksheet gives you some tools and thought processes that we used to think through the financial considerations. These ideas are, of course, not the only road to success, but certainly ones that worked for a couple of compulsive list makers with bad memories.

This trip is most likely done by someone who has already retired, but that is not the only way to make it a reality. We started contemplating the idea well before retirement. What you do need, of course, is a source of funds for the year. If you are retired, you can utilize the same dollars you are spending today at home – just using them on the road instead once you have eliminated your expenses at home – the book tells you how.

If you want to do this before retirement (and we would encourage you to do that), then you are probably going to have to come up with a combination of funding sources as well as the time to make this happen.

The sources can be retirement income, savings/investments, working on the road, proceeds from a house sale, or, how about a paid sabbatical? There is an excellent book on the market called Six Months Off by Dlugozima, Scott & Sharp that explores ways to finance extended trips without going broke. A seminar by one of the authors is what got us going on making our dream a reality. Another braver idea, if you are really intent on doing this now, is to take out a loan and consider this an investment in your future. We guarantee that you will come back vastly enriched from the experience and with an understanding of this country that can’t be gleaned any other way.

Even if you are retired, you will naturally still need to review your own monthly financial situation and your desires for a trip of this type. Our goal with this budget worksheet is to help you think through the myriad of potential expenses and sources of revenues that might apply to your household. Your job is to think through your own situation and decide which ones apply to you and which sources of funds are most applicable to your situation.

We always welcome your feedback on this tool to help us make it more useful.
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Have fun – you’ll soon be on your way to planning your own trip of a lifetime.

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